Contact form probleme

I have a problem with the contact form plugins included in RW8.
when I enter my email address as well as all the necessary information on my contact page and I publish my web site, then you test to check if it works no mail arrives in my mailbox. how to make it work properly?

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I think you’ll need to provide a bit more information.

Some hosting companies have restrictions on the email address you use. Who are you hosting with?
Might want to post a screenshot of the settings you set up with ” all the necessary information”, as someone might spot something wrong.

I am at OVH but this problem is recent since it has been working for two years but not anymore

If you changed nothing, then the hosting company might have. When was the last time you got a form sent?

You blacked out the email address, but it looks like it is a Gmail address?

Many hosting companies require you send the email address to one in the same domain.

that’s right it is a Gmail address so I will find out from my accommodation
thank you so much

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