Contact form, publishing issue

Hi, i am new to this software and still in startup. Watch so far all video and i am learning now.

however, currently i am facing one problem and cannot solve it. I made a new contact form on rapid weaver (like in the video). So far ok but when i publish it and try to click on my contact form, its not open, instead it is downloading a file on my mac

someone any idea what the problem, how to solve it

thanks, Dietmar

Do you have a link to the website so we could have a look at the problem?

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What is the name of that file?



For info, I already tried delete Kontakt, then make again new, delete webpage and upload again, all same problem


Looks like your Webserver does not support PHP.


Ups, so if this is the case what I could do then to make this contact form?

I would check the hosting plan and provider you are using, if this supports PHP.
Shouldn’t be a problem.



Ok problem solved, I had a basic version which is not able for PHP, now upgraded and all fine

Thanks for help, appreciated

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I does not make sence. What do you mean?? I have still problem to contact form.

Does your web hosting plan include php?

I am going to check on it.

@instacks is correct. If it downloading the index.php or anyfile.php instead of displaying in your browser then your web server does not have php installed or enabled.

You will need to talk to your web host or install the php on your web server.