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Hello everyone I have recently created a new website (

The image how it should be upload shows how my contact form displays when I test it. when i publish it however it is appearing like if you click on go on my website and click on contact will show you my problem I had this page up temporarily until I got a proper email set up . now my email is set up it wont change to the contact form.

I have tried republishing all files on the site
Deleting the contact page entirely and putting a new one in its place and it still wont change. I have emailed the developer of the theme and he said it is down to rapidweaver and any issues his end.

The theme is called Planar by Weaver Kingdom and I am using Rapidweaver 7 - Version 7.5.5

Any help to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

You need to delete the index.html file from that directory on the server. Your form is index.php

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The contact form requires PHP, so it’s creating a file (index.php) in the “contact-form” folder. You also have an older file (index.html) file in that same folder. When there are both index.php and index.html files in a folder, the web server is usually configured to serve the html version.

You need to delete the index.html file from the “contact-form” folder. You can use an FTP application or a file manager in your hosting control panel to do so.

Beaten. What Scott said!

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You also have a typo in the menu “Testiomonials”.

It is appearing correctly for me. I suggest you change the width of the form. It will look nicer if you make it narrower.

Your site is very cool… I love your logo!

Thanks John and I dont no how you change any of that it is the theme design

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