Contact form. Sending to morethan a single mail adress. How to?

I established a home page for a society. People can join several activities. They enter their name to the treasurer by the Contact Form. It works perfectly, but now I am asked to add the name of the head of society to the contact form so that both the treasurer and the president get the entry. But in my hands Contact Form only works with one e-mail added. Help please.
Christen Ax

I do not think this is possible, you will need to look into a 3rd party solution like Formloom 3 or if you are using a Stacks page, then there are many stacks out there. Search the Add-ons section.

Thank you, Zeebe. Strange that Contact Form does not accept more than a single email !
I start examination of possibilities

That might be an idea you would want to let Realmac know on this thread:

There was a thread on the old board about this - I commented that I tried and found a way to do it - can’t remember how now! - Will look in the morning (it’s been a long day).

Just thinking on - I seem to remember adding an extra space after the first em addy before the second…

Most hosting plans allow domain email forwarding. The way I control this is to configure the form to send to a single (discrete) domain email account then set up forwarding on that account to any number of ‘real’ email addresses.

That way if one of the email addresses wants to opt out, get changed or a new one added there is no need to republish the page with the form.

Might be an option?

OK, checked my site - this works: ,

space after first em>comma>space>second email>space

(PS - forgot to mention, I’m using the Doobox Contact Stack)

Great tip @DaveFox, but @CKAxelsson wanted it for the standard Contact form that comes with RapidWeaver.

Dear Dave. Thanks, but sorry, it does not work.

Works well using the Doobox Stack for only £5.99 - - depends how important it is too you. This page sends to 2 email addresses - my own domain and Gmail -