RW 6 contact form with various recipients

Someone knows if it’s possible to add more than one e-mail addresses in the field “Send to” in Contact Form Settings (Rapidweaver 6)?

Don’t have RW6 anymore, but you could try a quick test. A lot of hosting companies will require you send mail to an email address on the same domain (not gmail), because of spam.
Most host email accounts can be setup to automatically forward to multiple email addresses.

Thanks for your answer. It’s a good solution. I can use only one e-mail address in RW and then configure gmail to resend to other e-mails.

In my case I have an issue when use my own domain and receive with apple mail. The mails have strange characters (and attachments don’t appear correctly) like you can see in display captures. And when I use gmail domain it works fine…

one more image…!

But with gmail works fine:

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