Contact form which can switch recipient?

Is there a contact form stack which will allow one to switch recipients depending on, say, the subject field? This would be very useful. I run a society website and the Hon. Treasurer isn’t going to want to receive messages about the website, I’m not going to want to receive messages about money, membership or lunch bookings, the Hon. Sec. doesn’t want messages on the website, etc.

I suppose I could build one from scratch.

You could use the Options stack for people to select from a pull-down menu what they want to get in contact about. Then (based on their selection) redirect them to a specific form page. Each form page could host a contact form that gets sent to the relevant person. That would also permit you to customise the forms depending on the subject - so you could have some extra fields for some forms or ask for additional information.

You can certainly change recipient based on the page. I suppose you could also install 2 stacks on a page: one for the treasurer, one for the web developer. I know neither is what you’re asking for.

I like using DooBox’s email stack on different pages as I then know which page of the website the person was on when they sent their message. I run course websites so this is pretty important for me in helping students. May not be so useful for you.

If you always have a standard email template for you, versus treasurer, versus other folks then Wills suggestion would seem to work very nicely indeed.

Thanks, @willwood, @Mathew. I had thought of that but it would be rather neater if the user could simply select an option within a single form. Talking of which, does anyone else have a problem with Foundation Select Boxes proliferating? Mine are breeding like rabbits and I currently have 13 to choose from (all version 1.6.5).

This is simple to do using MachForm, as seen with this form. Depending upon where a person desires to be seen (Preferred Location field), the form will flow to a different set of schedulers (Virginia / Winston-Salem / Charlotte). Although the form is a “pop-up” on this site, it can just as easily be embedded into a Rapidweaver page, should you prefer (the code simply goes into an html stack).

With Foundation forms you can send to an email address that is defined in a field. Maybe you can have a select box that will have options so that when selected the email address is the actual value under the covers.

Foundation forms also support custom POST URLs. This means that you can write your own PHP that the forms will submit to. Obviously, you are on your own with the coding. Although you could use the mailer.php files that get published with the forms as a good starter.

Ugh. Completely forgot about MachForm. Really wonderful for a lot more than emails (probably why it didn’t cross my mind). If you work with forms of any kind (email, surveys, signup registration, etc.) it’s a great all-in-one product. As @dave mentioned you can display these forms in a number of ways.

Thanks, @dave and @Mathew. I’ll have a look at MachForm (I have before but don’t remember much about it). Thanks, @joeworkman, that’s a good idea which I should have thought of and I am using Foundation. I’ve been playing with putting multiple forms in Reveal LightBoxes and that seems to work well, but your suggestion would be neater.

@joeworkman that was a very easy solution. Thank you. I’ve put up a demo site with three subject options and the value of each option is the email address relevant to that subject:

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Except that I forgot to delete the header ‘Membership Enguiry’!

SWEET! I love simple solutions!

Me too! Drat this minimum word thing – I’ll have to rethink it on my own forms.

Your form looks GREAT! Glad it all worked out without having to spend any extra money. Love Foundation!!

Very kind of you to say so, @dave. Sadly, I can take no credit as, for this test, I simply left Foundation’s defaults unchanged.

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@peterdanckwerts Hi Peter, just be a little cautious as your form reveals all the email addresses:

value="">Subscription Enquiry
value="">Luncheon Secretary (to book use separate form below)
value="">Message for the Chair

Sometimes it’s better to post process the form to make sure farming robots can’t find these emails.
I would love a stack that can post process but in the meantime I use the trusty old info@mysite and do a host redirect to get it to the right person.

Cheers, Lance

Damn! Thanks for warning me.