FormPlus sending emails to different people

ChillDog have been not very helpful so I wonder if anyone out the there can help? I sent this enquiry to them:

“As a scenario let us say my contact form is a support forum, Step 1 has radio buttons to specify whether your query is for Windows or Mac. I then want them to fill in a form and then the submission should either be sent to or based on the radio button choice - NOT both. How do I do this?”

The reply I got was:

“Can you put a contact form made with FormPlus on several different pages on a website and have each one notify a different person (i.e. a different email address recipient of the contact enquiry)? Maybe FormPlus can achieve this in a single form with the email address of the recipient dependent on a selection from a dropdown or button selection?”

Why is a ChillDog person suggesting that “Maybe FormPlus can…”!! don’t they know? Does anyone else know if it can?

I think what they are saying is to add a dropdown and use the input from that to set the email field.
Dropdown = Select Department field name=dept
selection 1 =
selection 2 =

In the email field you would put {{dept}}

To the best of my knowledge (I haven’t looked for a long time) FormsPlus does not have any IF/Else logic built in.

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Thank you, I will look into that.

The first issue is however they do not have a Dropdown option? Do you mean the Foundation Dropdown?

Sorry, FormsPlus uses [] for macros not {{}} so to get dept it would be [dept]
They have something… maybe called select or something like that.

I’m not sure that the macros will work in the email field you will just have to test it and see. It’s worth a shot.

OK thanks, I will persevere.

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