Contact Form with Carbon theme doesn't send

I am using RapidWeaver7 for 1st time. Using a Theme called Carbon from Nick Cates and the Contact Form isn’t sending the email - doesn’t give me the ‘message sent’ acknowledgement. I have checked and there email account is setup and running. Is there a check list or video so I can check I have correctly entered everything I need to?

Sending mail from a website can be different from one hosting company to another. Many have some restrictions to prevent spamming. Who is your host? Perhaps someone has experience with them.


I use CrazyDomains in Australia

I have checked with Crazy Domains and they looked into the coding for the Contact Form I have uploaded (this is version 10 or so). The techie told me there was no address in the code, so when the action was performed after clicking submit, nothing happened - no address to send it to.

He tried a simple coded form (very basic) using the email address and it worked fine. He gave me the address and I tried it so it worked again. No problem at the web site.

I have checked many times and I have the email address in the General Setting page, it is also in the Contact form page settings ‘Send to’ dialogue box. If there is any other place, then I do not know it??!! I have reloaded and reloaded - no change. The problem is in RapidWeaver not uploading.

Curious - when I change the email in ‘Send to’ page settings, the Publish button doesn’t activate. Should this not go active when there is a change??? Have I stumbled onto something here??

Is anyone else having this problem