Contact Form Trouble

Hi All,

I’m trying to get my contact form to send, but it just doesn’t & I’ve run out of ideas on what to do. Here’s the page:

Everything seems to be working, but I never receive the email. I’ve tried checking “Send your email using your email” but still nothing. Send To: is set to the correct address for the domain. I’ve tried republishing the page. I’ve moved to Chillidog Hosting, but hopefully someone has the solution to this perplexing problem.

Thanks, Bill

Hi Bill,
Do you have access to the PHP logs?
Cheers, Jannis

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… or sending to a different address, just for the sake of elimination?

What happens when you deliberately mistype the To address, such as name@@domain,con [sic] to see whether it generates an error, if so which; and if not, could that indicate that no errors are being trapped - including the one(s) which might be causing this to fail?

HI Jannis - I have no idea where those would be - sorry

Hi Mark - When I set it to bill @@ stack-its,con - Get error message that says “there’s been an error trying to send your email”

When I tried bill @, it worked - bizarro !

Just got email from Greg, so I’ll investigate & get back to you guys.

Thanks, Billl

Hi Bill

I think this has to do with your move to CloudFlare. An extra record got added to your MX record (as you saw) that should be removed from their site/system.

Please give that a whirl and update your ticket with the results. Mx records can take 4 hours to resolve. I use to monitor the Mx record changes across the globe.




So the MX records were wrong in Chillimail & in Cloudflare. Apparently a 0-settting got propagated to both accounts. It’s running now - finally.