Adding reCAPTCHA to contact-form

New to RW, using RW6. Would like to add reCAPTCHA to my contact-form. How can this be done? Is it possible to edit html without leaving RW?

Welcome, Steve!

Some Contact Form pages have CAPTCHA built in. YabDab’s FormSnap Stack (an excellent RW add-on), for instance.

Tks for your prompt help. Looks good. However much more than I need. Not clear whether the form allows Dutch. I’ll have a closer look at it.

FormSnap may be overkill for you but it will stand you in good stead for the future. You can customise messages and labels completely, so it will support any language. If you ever want to create non-stacks pages, you’d be better going for FormLoom 3 (also from Yabdab). Again, you can customise all the labels and messages and, although it has its own page type, it comes with a stack which can be placed in any stacks page – particularly useful if you want a contact form on each page. Personally, I think FormLoom is rather easier to configure. Both solutions are excellent and offer the ability to save information to a database, should you wish.


While searching to see if anyone has a CAPTCHA add-on or Stack so that you can (continue to) use the built-in RW Form, I cam across:

There will almost certainly be some updating needed… these are based on earlier versions of RW.

I also second Peter’s advice and recommendations!

If you need CAPTCHA, you probably are best concentrating on one of the YabDab products.

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Should you be interested, the contact form which comes with Foundation doesn’t come with Captcha because Joe doesn’t like it (it can be frustrating!) but you can create a security question (such as what if 9 squared?) if you have add-on pack 1.

I can’t work out how to create a security question using the Foundation Add-on Pack 1 and I can’t find an example. I tried using a number input and for an answer of 12 set the min and max values to 12 but that didn’t work.

OK, worked it out - custom rule with a pattern of: