Contact Page Broken Please Help

I just updated my clients site - MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, RW 8.4, Stacks 4 - I’m, using the built in RW Contact page. I made no changes to that page or any of the settings but the page is not displaying. I’m getting an error message. Please see attachment. The site is it should be here:

Kind of desperate here, please help.

Thank you!

Check that your hosting php is 7.3+,

See what is in the server error log

It looks to be 7.2.7, but again, nothing has changed unless its something in the last RW update. I just opened a support ticket with the host. Thank you

What sort of updates (generally speaking) did you make? Do you happen to have a previous version of the project file (from when the site was working) via a backup that you could re-publish to see if it resolves the issue? That would perhaps pinpoint an RW issue versus a server side issue.

No changes to the pages or settings just the RW and Stacks most recent updated. The server help set the php to 7.3.9 but that didn’t fix it.

You need to see the server error log. A 500 is a server error, usually caused by php code or configuration issue. The error log will tell you what’s going on.

What changed on the software side when publishing? Was the last working site published with RW 8 but with stacks 3? Was this “update” published with both RW 8 and stacks 4 being the new variables? Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a reminder to first re-publish all files. And, if no success fully delete your published site and re-publish anew.

Turns out that the problem was on the server side and they were able to correct it. Whew! Thank you all for your suggestions!

500 is always the server side, or php running server side

Thank you, my talent is in the designing sorely lacking when it comes to the technical stuff :-).

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