Contact Sheet Problems

Help! I’ve tried everything. My contact sheet does not forward to my email. I’m losing business every day. Can someone help me?

Hi @graciellew

I would check your MX records and email forwarder settings. If you think these are correct, I would send an email to your hosting company.


Thanks Greg. Not sure what MX is…sorry!

My hosting company Godaddy basically does not know hat to do. They seem to just want to move me to an updated server which won’t fix the problem. My PHP is version 5.3 which I understand is still being supported. The web address on the contact sheet is correct. I can’t figure out why when the contact sheet is sent that it doesn’t come through to my Email. If anyone can give me some insight/help I would really appreciate it.

PHP 5.3 and 5.4 are no longer supported 5.5 is supported for critical security issues only. Should be on 5.6:

Godaddy has some strange requirements for emails being sent. I don’t use them but have seen post about others having issues. I think you have to send Email to the same domain.

Thank you for the reply. I’m not having much success! I simply would like to have my RW contact sheet work like it used to until last month. Can’t figure out what is going on and Godaddy can’t seem to help me. Would you suggest another way to produce a functioning contact sheet in RW? Thanks for the help.

Just in case this helps, GoDaddy requires that your send to contact form address matches your GoDaddy login email address (as opposed to your website url address).

@graciellew I’m also having contact form problems and have been on and off for quite a while.

I believe the problem is server related but not necessarily with yours.
I have a site with GoDaddy
This is hosted with GoDaddy and is a simple single page site using the FreeStack Contact Plus stack.
This stack has been around for a while but it works flawlessly with GoDaddy hosting.

I disagree. My contact form address is not even close to my GoDaddy login email).

On my main site which is hosted with a Portuguese provider I get the FreeStack Contact Plus Stack to only work intermittently. It stopped working a month or so ago then re-started, currently it’s not.
My host ‘strongly recommends’ using SMTP authentication yet I know it’s not essential as the contact form used to work.
I have tried, in vain, to get JW’s Foundation Contact form working (with and without SMTP) but it’s never sent email.

I am in sympathy with you because what should be such a simple thing to set up is quite the contrary. I do believe it’s provider specific though and, as mentioned, I don’t have any problem with GoDaddy sites.
Have you checked that you only have one instance of the contact form page running?
Switching between forms can result in php and html instances of the same page.

LaPan-Thank you for your response. I’m going to verify this with Godaddy.

ricinport-thank you for responding. Seems this is a problem that has some different solutions and I can’t seem to find the right one. The frustration for me is that my simple contact form used to work perfectly until recently. This makes me think that the solution should be a simple one, almost obvious. Unfortunatley I’m not very technical and remain a bit lost, but I appreciate the help I am getting from the RW community. I’m going to try everything that is suggested until I get this to work