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We are getting a high number of Spam contact us form submissions where someone is just going to the site and putting rubbish info in and wrong email.

I just wondered if there was a stack or something that could be configured to send an email back to the user submitting the contact request to verify their email by clicking a link or something before its submitted to us?

Any ideas please?


There’s a good chance it’s not someone but something. Most spam isn’t from humans but from bots.

There’s quite a few form addons that offer a variety of protection schemes like captcha, honeypots or simple questions that have to be answered before the form is submitted. Something that bots have difficulty doing.

You should keep in mind that the more difficult you make it for customers or prospective customers to contact you the less likely they will. They often give up if you make it difficult or even ask too many questions. Keep it simple if you can.


Thanks for the speedy response.

We do believe its from someone and not something as its not posing links or anything to click but just simply saying hi, hi this is a test hi for example…



If you’re getting a “high number” then it’s probably not a person. Bots don’t necessarily have links when they fill out forms.

I’d probably try a human test first (Honeypot, captcha or simple questions). I would bet that the spam emails get reduced.

To do a verification email(like double opt-in signup) would probably drop your contact conversion rate substantially. You’d probably need to do something like that with an outside service as you would need to send the email and keep track of it for a response.

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