Contactform - with senders ip

I need a contactform that give me the senders ip.


Formloom and FormSnap both do that.

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Hello @PerF,

If you use UIKIT3 framework, the form can do that. Considering the amount of other stacks that you get, plus the added functionality, it’s a great value.



FormsPlus will also do this if you add [__user_info] to your FormSubmission template. It will also include the senders browser info.


Heard about GDPR?

yes - and so what?

So you know that you have to inform the user that you store his IP?

Yes. I know.

Is it your business, anyway?

Thank you being rude to someone who wants to be helpful.

This forum is a source of information also for others.

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Who is rude here?
Not me.
I thinks is haughty and arrogant only ask: “Heard about GDPR?”

Oh man you don’t know how many people don’t know about that…

Remember: also other people read these questions, who don’t know about this and the implications about storing IP addresses.

It seems my offer for help is not appreciated.


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