FormLoom 3 settings

Can anyone tell me where in the code on the server are the “To” email settings for FormLoom 3 written?

I have had a disastrous loss of files on my computer, and unbeknownst to me, my online backup files got purged after 3 months so my RW projects are lost.

The website is still on the server, but the FormLoom 3 form I used has my own test address instead of the recipient address I want to use, so any mail for my client is coming to my test address.

Does anyone know what file on the server I need to edit to use my client’s email address instead of my own?

The form is here.

I have a feeling it is encrypted because I did a search in the “registration files” folder on the server, as well as recursively on the server and no instances of “” (which is the domain name of my email provider) is found.

Is there a way to fix this without recreating the whole form? I have moved to Mojave and RW8 and really don’t want to go back to messing around with the challenges of recreating an RW6 page on Mojave.

Many thanks if anyone can advise.

The form posts to…

I apologize, that was because of one instance of http:// that I missed changing to https:// once I set SSL settings on the server.

The form now works.

Attached is what I get back. Sorry I thought I was replying in an email. The attachment is here:

The “To” field should be addressed to not

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