Content not displaying in Internet Explorer 11

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I’m having some content not displaying in IE 11, running on Windows 10, everything is fine in other browsers, including Microsoft Edge. It is a mix of simple things, like header images and footers, along with more complex things like sliders

The site is:

It feels like the content isn’t being displayed because the browser is marking the content as insecure, but I’m not seeing any errors. I’d appreciate some pointers in where to start looking to try and fix this, I’m not (yet) that familiar with the IE developer tools?

I’ve started to strip out some of the stacks to try and find out what is causing this on a subdomain:

so far without success.

I’ve recently started to use Cloudflare, mainly to provide ssl, and I’m thinking the issue could be there?

Appreciate any thoughts, comments or guidance.

Many thanks



(Jason Bostick) #2

Do you have rocket loader enabled in cloudflare? I’ve seen others suggest that it can mess with certain types of content…

(mark hunter) #3

Just checked, and I have, turned it off and everything working in IE now.

Really appreciate the help @jabostick

Many thanks



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