Website doesn’t show in Explorer?

My new websites do show in all browsers, except Internet Explorer.
Does anybody know what could be the problem?

Do you have a link? Which theme or framework did you use to built the site?

Here’s a link:
I build this with Foundation 6 and some addons/stacks from other developers.

Anything less than IE11 doesn’t support Flexbox (used for responsive layout for Foundation 6, bootstrap 4, etc, etc ) and even IE11 is riddled with bugs using Flexbox. I’m not sure why you can’t see the site with IE, but if it did display it wouldn’t look or work right.

All IE versions account for 1.13% of worldwide current internet browsing according to StatCounter. With that low of volume I don’t even keep is way to test things with IE any longer.

Anyone still using it are used to things not working or looking really funny.


Yeah, thanks, I think you’re right :+1::blush: I heard something like that from my hosting provider.
Good to know that such a few people are still using the wrong browser… :wink:
I am a bit relieved!

Under Foundation 6 -> Components, there is an IE Content stack which will all you to display a suitable message only to IE visitors to your site.

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