Controller in HTML5 when in Full Screen Mode on Safari

Hello all. I’m using Joe Workman’s HTML5 stack to embed some video clips on my site. All seems great except when I go into Full Screen Mode in Safari the Controller never goes away. It works as expected in Firefox and Chrome. I do have Auto Hide selected in the Player Options.

So it’s clearly a Safari issue, but has anybody else seen this behavior or have any suggestions for a work-around?


Seems to work just fine on his demo site

What version of Safari are you using? Any extensions installed??

That’s true. The demo works. But it’s

got a different controller in full screen mode - along the bottom of the screen. My problem is with the floating controller. It doesn’t go away.

I’m running Safari Version 10.0.1 (12602. with no extensions installed.

The demo has the controller along the bottom of the screen.

The controls disappear for me, but reappear if I touch the mouse or keyboard, so it is impossible for me to take a screenshot. Do you have a link to your site with the video on it? I have NEVER seen that player happen on Joe’s stack before. Also using 10.0.1 of Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12.1

Thanks Robert. Here’s a rough site with 3 video clips in an orbit slider.

On my Mac (running OS 10.12.1) with Safari Version 10.0.1 (12602. I get the controller overlay when I go full screen on all of them and it never goes away.

As a follow up - I just discovered that if I manually drag the position slider around on the clip and then let it go, the controller does in fact disappear!