Moving project from RapidWeaver 6 to RapidWeaver 8

I just upgraded to RapidWeaver 8 from RapidWeaver 6. How do I move a project from RW 6 to RW 8. It didn’t show up automatically as a project and I can’t figure out how to move it.



When you open the project RW will create a copy of it in rw8 format

My project is sitting in RW 6 and I can’t seem to open or find it in RW8. This was supposed to be an upgrade but isn’t working like one. I have also discovered that RW6 won’t work for me anymore.

You have to ctrl click the RW6 project and open in RW8…you will then have two projects RW6&8…do a search to find the files…?

Once upgraded you can NOT downgrade. RW6 won’t work on the upgraded RW8 project.

RW is not responsible for that “recently Used” list, that comes from the OS. Do you know where your store your project files?

If not search for .rw6 in spotlight, show in finder to see where it is.

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