Copying everything from one computer to another 2018

2018 iMac
High Sierra
Rapidweaver 7

2010 MacBook Pro
High Sierra
Rapidweaver 6

I tried everything suggested to copy files from laptop to iMac:

There is no Rapidweaver folder I can find on laptop. Just the app itself in Applications. Copied that over. No. Searched Spotlight for Rapidweaver and rwsw. Nothing. Just have Project folders which don’t have Themes or plug-ins.

So how do I copy everything – settings, plug-ins, themes – from laptop to iMac?

On your laptop open RW and hit CMS+opt+7
That will show you the files in finder


@swilliam :grinning: Scott, thanks for the tip. Didn’t know that there is this shortcut in RW6, although it’s an option within Preferences menu in RW7. CMD-ALT-7 works if I have a project file loaded.

Thank you! Now where do I put the Rapidweaver file I copied over from my laptop? It’s currently on my desktop.

Which RW file? Your project file?

Not project file.
I did CMD-ALT-7 on my laptop. Got a “Rapidweaver” folder with everything in it. Air-dropped it all to iMac. So now the “Rapidweaver” folder with themes and plug-ins is on my desktop. Does it need to go anywhere in particular?

Oh, the add ones folder…

In rw7 you can keep it wherever you like, tell RW where it is in the RW preferences.

Or, if you want RW to put the files where it wants, open the folder and drag the stacks etc onto the RW icon in your toolbar to “install” them one by one.

I’m not sure where the default folder is, not on my computer right now.

I’m sure a search of the forums will give you the answer though.

See this thread


You can also move and share your addons folder (Dropbox) in RW7:

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Everything had copied over to this location by itself. Thanks for help.

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