Migrate RW8 project to new MAC

I need to migrate RW and my RW project to a new iMac. Besides of re-installiung RW8, what files and folders do I need to carry (copy) over to the new machine? Do I have to re-in stall all Stacks which I bought thru the years? Altogether, this seems not easy.
Thanks for helping.

Best way to move from one Mac to another is to use Apple Migration Assistant. It is located in your Utilities folder.

This might help you out as well

Would this work also if the source machine is under High Sierra and the target machine under Mojave?

Is it possible to move all addons to iCloud or Dropbox from a completely local RW installation?

Right now, you should see the preferences in RW8 as Managed by RapidWeaver. You want to change it to other and then choose where you want it to be. If you do this, all of the addons will get moved to the new location. When you get the new computer click on Change and again choose that folder.

Great. Will do this first thing in the morning. Good night.
Thanks for helping. I really appreciate.

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It worked perfectly fine. Thanks again!

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