SOLVED - Copy all Rapidweaver files and add ons, etc to other computer

I searched for this as I thought I’d find previous posts but can’t find anything. I’m heading out of town and need to work off my laptop for 10 days while I am away. What’s the best way to transfer all project files and add ons and stacks, etc and make sure I don’t miss anything?


Combined my 2 RW folders and got it all to work, thanks!

Just copy your Rapidweaver folder to other machine (it houses all the add-ons, prefs, etc) move your projects over, install RW and enter your registration info. Your Rapidweaver folder location is different depending on version. Make sure you get the right one. Refer also to RW Instruction manual. Make sure it’s all working before you leave on your trip. Be sure to run same version of RW on both.

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Preferences > Addons > Reveal in Finder will show location of RapidWeaver folder.

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thanks! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

IMPORTANT - I assumed you had backups but I shouldn’t!!! So… First thing to do is have BACKUPS in case anything goes wrong.

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I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable clone of my computer disk, plus I use it to make 7 day rotation project backups to Dropbox. This in addition to Time Machine. I suggest NOT running projects out of dropbox. I have CCC copy them nightly along with my other nightly backups. Anytime my RapidWeaver folder changes (New addon, etc) I copy it to dropbox. This way if I have to grab my Laptop and run I can still use RW and everything current will be available to me.

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My hard drive mirrors to another drive, via carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine also backs up to another drive :slight_smile: I rarely use my laptop, so I’m updating from last May, I think.

If you’re using RW 7+ then you can change the location where RW stores all its addons (themes/plugins/stacks). If you set it to be a Dropbox/onedrive folder on both Mac’s then everything will stay in sync, so if you add a theme on one machine it’s instantly available on the other, the same is true for adding/updating stacks or plugins.
The setting is in RW preferences.

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ok, thanks, I see that :slight_smile:

How about resources? Is that included in the files?

uh oh… I have 2 folders…

so I’m doing what you suggested because I think through the years and different versions of RW, I have files all over the place. After I’ve created a folder in Dropbox and told RW to transfer all my files, can I delete all the other files you see?