Copying partial from one project to another

I am pretty sure I have copied partial from one RW project to another in the past.

Today, I opened one of my previous RW project to update the navigation menu since I have redesigned it and I wanted it to look similar on all websites. Normally, I would had just grabbed the partial from one project and drag it to another project dropping it in after the green plus sign appears on the partial and the light blue line show up where I wanted to drop it in but instead it just snap back to it’s original project.

On the second project, the green plus sign and the blue line did show up however it not copying the partial over and snap back.

Any idea why it not copying over? When I unpack it and copied over the whole thing, it came out all screwy but I know I have all the stack install and both project are saved in same version RW7.

How about just selecting the Partial and using copy and paste? That works for me.



That didn’t work for me at first but restarting the iMac what fixed it.

Thank you

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