Copying a stack from one project to another project

How can you be sure that when you copy a stack from one project to another project that the copy took place?

Often I select the stack or block then I copied it using either hotkey or Edit -> Copy then I go paste it but it didn’t take so I have to go back and try copying again. If it still didn’t paste anything then I deselect it and select it again which often will take hold and paste it in another project.

This is one annoyance I find about RW so far.

Is there a way to know that the copy took place on your selected stack or item in RW?

Drag and drop always works for me (using 2 x 24" screens, 1 project on each screen).

2 x 24 screen … nice …

Right now I have iMac with a 27" screen and a 19" LCD monitor connected as a second screen. The LCD is to help me to see what my design look like viewing on a LCD monitor because my organization website is daily visited by people in third world countries with a cheaper or older monitor. I have noticed lots of my designs I done in the past look awesome on iMac screen but horrible on a LCD monitor so I start double checking my design on both monitor now days. I have tried RW in that monitor before and tool fonts on it was barely readable.

Maybe I will put in request with the organization for another monitor, a better one.

Curious is there a way to drag and drop stack in same project but on a different page then?

Thank you

@TechBill The problem usually is because your paste page has not been selected properly. What I always do before pasting, is to click on the stack that will be ABOVE my stack I’m pasting - it will be selected with blue line. If you have no other stack on the page click within the page you are pasting into. You will know it works when it works -and it will if you follow above


Not that I’ve found! (Extra words to make up the 20 characters limit)

You can make a partial if using on many pages or just cut and paste.

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This is what I do, select a stack that I wanted it to be pasted underneath.

When a page contains lots of stuff, sometimes, it takes a little while before you can select anything. So, after you click on a specific stack, wait until you see the outlines change color to blue.

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Yeah I do wait until it change to blue “highlighted” before hitting the copy hotkey or edit -> copy . It still a hit and miss for me. I probably should wait a few more second after it highlights next time to see if that improves.

Thank you

Usually this isn’t because the “copy didn’t take” but that the system doesn’t know where to paste the thing you’ve copied.

When you switch to the page or window that you want to paste into make sure to select a stack in the layout near to where you like the paste to occur. If there are no stacks in the layout yet – just click on the Drop Stacks Here words. The lets the system know that the layout is where you’d like that paste to occur. And it should work 100% of the time.


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