RW7 feature "take the project between multiple Macs"

(Peter Gill) #1

Hi - I have been waiting for an easy way to do this and RW7 promises it, yes after upgrade I cant seem to find any reference to it in the manual? or anywhere else. Does anyone know how i move a project from one mac to another? Cheers

(Phil) #2

This video should help:

(Elliot Jackson) #3

Hey @manju69,

For your projects, please check this out:

And for your addons:

Hope that helps,

(Peter Gill) #4

These links don’t work for some reason…?

(Elliot Jackson) #5

Argh, my mistake. Sorry about that, have fixed them.


(Peter Gill) #6

thanks - i had an issue with moving addons as the video described. I moved them - re opened project and the site no longer found them? (they showed up as outlines in the add ons manager and some of the stacks no longer worked, so I went back to RW managing them and sit all worked fine. What am i doing wrong?

(Scott Steven) #7

I have all my add ons in my dropbox along with the project files. I then pointed my macbook pro and iMac to these. You do have to wait a bit for Dropbox to update that is key. I found that Dropbox is not autoloading on the iMac so the updates did not get through. This was expected

(Peter Gill) #8

What i mean was even before moving them between macs - just to another local folder to test it - this rendered the errors listed above when opening the project