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I’m considering getting into development of simple commercial sites, ie. a couple of products, low volume. I would like to know what my cost would be for the specialized add-ons, and extra operating/hosting cost etc… I do websites as a hobby and my potential clients are family and friends so this endeavor needs to be low-end cost but high-end quality (as best as I can do!) Suggested add-ons would be appreciated and/or reference to a good learning source would also be appreciated. Thank you.


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When you say commercial are you talking e-commerce? With less than 10 products you might have a look at Ecwid, they have a free plan for upto 10 products. After that limit there’s a monthly charge. They also have a [free RapidWeaver plugin].(

That’s hard to say, add-ons will depend on what you need to do. Hosting cost depends on who you’re hosting with, and if you’re going to share a hosting account or setup individual plans. I would recommend you keep them separate, the hosting companies offer different plans and pricing.

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Hi, I do the same. I always point my clients to the hosting service I chose but I recommend @barchard any time. The best advice is for your clients to sign the contract with Greg and you take care of all technical details. In my experience it is better to earn my money with my webdesign and consulting and not with hosting.

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Great tip on ecwid which I was not familiar with. They seem to imply that you will want your own website in place of their starter site. I’m wondering if their plugin will give me the flexibility that I may need later.

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Might check out this post. @ben put together some videos on Ecwid:

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You can use almost any 3rd party cart with RW. Just use their code snippets to add “put in cart” buttons in your RW project. I use Ultracart but there are many carts to choose from.

Questions to ask: Does the cart support USPS flat rate boxes, does the cart provide “packing solutions” for shipping, sale and discount features and options, Pre-orders, wholesale, etc. Picking the right cart for your needs (and future needs) is very very important.

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Thank you for your response. I am definitely in a learning mode now. Your comment is right-on as I did not want to lock myself into the ecwid solution; it does not seem flexible enough.


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ecwid may be great… never really checked them out. I was already using a cart when I learned of them. I like that they actively visit the forums here and seem to be responsive.

My point was simply that 3rd party tools don’t have to be “RW” in order to work with Rapidweaver. Almost any script or 3rd party item can be used. By the way… with Ultracart, I use only their “back end” cart. I don’t use their Storefronts. I build my own store pages in RW and then just use “add to cart” buttons.

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This e-commerce is opening up a whole new area for me; getting away from travel logs and simple one page business solicitations.

Again thank you.

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You probably find there’s no one solution that’s going to be best for every client. If you’re planning on developing sites for different people, one product might work better for one client, and another product a better fit for a different client. Don’t look for a ’one size fits all ‘ solution for any product from store fronts to blogs, each clients needs may have a different solution.

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Your response rather sums up my gut feelings for wanting flexibility. Thanks

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