E-Commerce Confusion

(Butternut Squash) #1

Presumably I am not alone, but the topic makes my head explode.

Payloom? Paysnap? RapidCart Pro?

My website is Foundation based, and is exceedingly minimal. Nevertheless, I have a ton of pages with items for sale.

I have no desire to do a subscription. Any feedback regarding the relative merits of the above mentioned utilities would be GREATLY appreciated.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Don’t forget other options like Cartloom and Ecwid, which I know both work in Foundation (not stating that the above solutions do not work in Foundation).

(Butternut Squash) #3

Unless I am mistaken, both Cartloom and Ecwid are subscription services. Which is what I am NOT looking for.


(Leif Ottosson) #4

If you want something simple maybe these options will fit:

(Rob Beattie) #5

+! for Yuzool’s Cart. Simple to set up, uses PayPal and quite sophisticated for such a lightweight stack.

(Michael Frankland) #6

Thanks for the mention @robbeattie & @leif_ottosson :slight_smile: