Count Up by DooBox

Hi Everyone

I recently purchased “Count Up” by DooBox. It is a cool little stack, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to keep the stack from animating until it is above the fold. Because of this, visitors usually miss the effect unless it is above the fold when the page loads. The DooBox demo seems to have this functionality… but I can’t find a setting for it.

I anyone uses this stack I would like to hear from you. What are some best practices for using it, and do you think that @Doobox will address the issue?

I would love to use it more… it is a trendy design element that I would like to offer my clients.


So the stack it supposed to trigger only when above the fold by default. I did a test on a new page and was able to replicate the demo. Looks like there could be a compatibility issue with a theme setting or additional stack. I will keep working it out and post what I find.

Here is a link to the functioning test page.

Ok… It looks like I figured out the issue. It all has to do with the placement of my stack. Above it I was using “Reflect” stack that was partially above the fold. The Count Up stack was under that. I assume the Reflect stack loads in a way that tricks the browser into thinking my Count Up stack was above the fold. Once I added more content to push the Count Up stack further down the page it worked fine, or if I replaced the Reflect stack with something else.

I hope this helps anyone else that uses this stack and runs into the same problem.

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Hi there @thebugnut

First I am going to assume you are the same person that contacted support about this twice last week?
I did reply both times, so you either supplied an incorrect email address in the form, or my replies are in your spam folder.
Sorry you did not get theme either way.

But I believe your assumptions are correct.
The stack will investigate it’s own placement in the window at page load time.
If it finds it’s in the visible window, it will animate immediately.
So if there is some sort of slow loading content above the stack that increases in height when it finally loads and pushes the count-up stack below the fold, then it’s to late, the stack has already begun to animate.

Well sussed out :slight_smile:

Yep, same person. All your emails got stuck in my spam filter. It’s all fixed up now and the stack is working great.