Countdown Stack (1LD)


Can someone help me with my problems with the Countdown Stack by 1LD.
I want to implement it in my website but it doesn’t work.
How can i set up Countdown Stack right?

You can find a picture attached.

Thanks for help!

I don’t have this stack, but have you had a look at the tutorial?

Also it might help you get help if you’re more specific than “I want to implement it in my website but it doesn’t work“. What’s not working?

If you can include the settings on the screenshots that’d help.

Thanks for the tutorial.
I have looked a this but it doesn’t work after that setup.

I don’t know what’s the problem. Nothing in shown in the preview.

As I said I don’t have this stack, but it doesn’t look as if you are setting it up correctly.

Looks like you don’t have the columns stack or the individual (day, hours, minutes, and seconds) elements within the wrapper.

After you drag and drop the first Countdown Clock stack into the editor it will automatically be set to “wrapper”. You will then need to place a column stack and the 4 inner elements stacks inside the wrapper under the heading “Time Elements”. First place the 4 column stack, then drag and drop 4 additional Countdown stacks (one into each column) and set each “Section” to the corresponding value: Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

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I have it. Now it works, thanks a lot

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