Custom Countdown Timer?

Hiya Weavers, I don’t think there is a stack for this, I’ve looked and looked, but any insights would be greatly appreciated. Failing that does anybody know of any code resources that may help, that I could embed and tinker with? I’ve had a look on StackOverflow but not much luck. I’ll get to the point, what I’m after doing is…

Create a 1 hour countdown timer when a button is pressed. Ideally to work globally across a site, so new pages and page refreshes would not refresh the counter once started or secondly I could possibly work with it happening on just one page but this is not ideal.

I’m guessing if it is site wide it would need some PHP configuration to create a new time/date stamp reference when the button is pressed with an hour as the prescribed countdown.

The only countdown stacks I’ve seen are for specific date and time that is manually set prior to upload, I want the page user to set the 1 hour countdown to start.

Thanks all

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a quick google brings up loads:

or this

Thanks Nick, but these require me to enter a specific date and time to countdown to, similar to the countdown stacks I’ve seen, whereas I’m after the site user/viewer being able to press a button to activate a 1 hour countdown, so I’m more after some code that somebody else has maybe used or knows about that I could embed, if you see what I mean?

like this?

Ooh yes, that looks cracking Nick, thanks, I’ll have a play around with this, and then see if I can get it to work globally to the site. Thanks again, really appreciated.

It’s a plain script for a single page. If you move away from the page and relaod it later, it’s set to zero.
You might want to place it into a combination of iFrames, so the website and the counter work independently.

Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 13.46.34

Advanced Publisher might do the trick. It looks like it has lots of options for time based content.

You can download a free demo of the stack and have a play

Great idea and solution Dripple, that could work nicely to implement, thanks.

Thanks Neil for the suggestion, AP looks interesting, looks like an extended version of Query or Query on steroids, I’ll check it out, I’ve just had a quick look at the link and there is a demo version to play around with.

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