Crash on startup of RW 8.03 (haunted by untitled)

(Zeb Ernest) #1

So I launch RW 8.03 Get the something went wrong message. Ignore it and an untitled project is preloaded. Selling videos Lets make something wonderful… I can add pages to it. but cannot close it save it or Quit RW normally. I can open another project and close, save, publish etc… Bit this untitled one is stuck… Whaaat?

(Aaron Marquez) #2

Hi Zeb!

Is Rapidweaver installed in your /applications folder?

Have you tried a simple reboot of your Mac?

(Linda Lang Pierce) #3

Had the same problem, did a save as and then was able to close the document and open another without crashing.
Hope it helps.

(system) #4

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