8.2.1 and 8.3 crash on Mojave 10.14.6

RW opens fine, but when I try to open/create any project it crashes. It all started when yesterday I updated to 10.14.6 … I knew I should have left that alone, but I was wondering if anyone is having a similar issue or perhaps a fix?

In attempts to solve this, I just purchased Stacks 4 (4.0.2 4780) as I thought Stacks 3 might have been causing the issue. Unfortunately the issue remains. RW 8.3 opens, but crashes when I try to open/create a project.

Ok I think it’s solved (since I can replicate it every single time now). I was trying to make my viewable area a bit larger on the MBP13" by removing all the icons/spacers from RW toolbar … it slims down the toolbar and it works until I restart it. To restore the toolbar I have to remove some supporting files/folders RW installs in various folders.

Actually this might have been not a bad thing … I got to clean up my stacks folders from the ones I no longer use, etc.

this is odd behavior. I’ve never seen and I’ve never removed supporting files/folders that RW installs. Glad you solved the problem

I have had a few crashes…but I am the save-A-lot guys and I just send the crash reports and press on…this is all new…even after Beta testing…unless it is a complete lock up…I just press on…great work by all.

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