Crashes on OS X El Capitan

Hi Guys

We’ve been tracking an issue in OS X El Capitan itself, where RapidWeaver crashes when a preference value change is passed to the system to save.

If you’re running OS X El Capitan, and encounter these issues, please could I ask you to include a contact email address in the crash reporter when reporting the issue? We’re on the hunt for someone to send us some OS X diagnostics as part of our bug-reporting with Apple (and we need someone to run sudo sysdiagnose in Terminal on their Mac to gather that information for Apple).

We’ve not come across this ourselves, but if you have please include your email address in the crash log. If we deduce from the crash logs that we need the sudo sysdiagnose logs, we’ll be in touch!



[For reference, if anyone from Apple stumbles across this: rdar://22307486 :wink: ]

Did anyone find a fix for this. I’m using Rapidweaver 6.2 on El Capitan and its unusable since it crashes whenever I try to do anything (change a stack, make a save)