Rapidweaver and El Capitan

(Mark Medford) #1

Little nervous about the new Mac IOS upgrade. Has anyone encountered any issues with RW after moving to El Capitan?

Thank You!

(Dave) #2

Not since El Capitan was officially released. (I saw some deal-killer issues while El Capitan was in beta - but none of them since).



(Peter Danckwerts) #3

I’ve had no problems with RW under El Capitan BUT dreadful SMTP problems which haven’t been fixed in 10.11.1. It also garbled by email address in Safari’s autofill, conflating .com and a .co.uk addresses into a single .com.uk address! I’ve had to turn autofill off. It’s a mess.

(Jon C. Munson II) #4

No problems with RW and El Capitan for me.

(Mark Medford) #5

Thanks guys :slight_smile: appreciate the feedback!