Really really really really fed up with crashes

Just saying - going on for many months, threads galore, always crashing, wont send report, have to quit, restart.
It doesn’t affect everyone, but it does affect a lot of us. I have sent logs in. Lots of us have reported it - is there a reply from the RW guys?
Don’t need helpful ideas (yes, delete, reinstalled etc etc etc) just an answer from the RW guys, if they have one, please? Grrrrr!

Sorry you’re experiencing these issues. When, exactly, is RapidWeaver crashing?

I’ve acknowledged the crash reporter issue elsewhere, too. It’s something DevMate (who provide the crash reporter) are looking into.



It has been reported that this could be a stack issue and they are working on it and the new stacks update will fix this apparently,

Have you tried not using the RW Publish and Exporting and then using an FTP App. That worked for me.

Then my apologies for not spotting that reply thanks.

Perhaps that would be best, Conger. But I didn’t know if RW needed to publish, who knows what hidden settings or thingies go on inside it when it publishes! We’re advised to untick auto save so that has lost me a few chunks of quick work. New Stacks version, let’s hope!

Perhaps the response from RW should have been made sticky, or mentioned in their newsletter as it is causing overall problems to many of us.

I, too, have had constant problems with RW 6 crashing. Basically, the product is unstable.

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The app never crashes here.
I am working on 4 different sites, it just works perfectly :slightly_smiling:
Macbook pro Retina

BTW I am not working for Realmac !!!

It crashes on my old iMac 27, but every app crashes on it, so I am convinced it is not because of RW


There is no doubt that RW6 crashes for some and is perfectly fine for others. However, when RW6 does crash, it can requre a complete Mac reset to recover and then the RW Crash Reporter crashes. So there is no way that these serious crashes are being correctly reported to RW. A priority here, should be to fix the Crash Reporter to be able to collect the information in the first place. By now the information needed to fix the crashes should be available and if it isn’t available, then a new crash reporting system should be used. The current system isn’t working.

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I was in the same boat a couple of months ago. Couldn’t even open some of my old projects without RW crashing. I was running Mavericks because when Yosemite came along I was put off by loads of people reporting issues with it. With RW crashing so much I realised I’d have to bite the bullet and update the OS so I’m now running El Capitan 10.11.3 and things with RW are so much better and the machine is also much faster than it ever was with Mavericks.

RW is by FAR the application that crashes the most often on my computer. I have a robust newer iMac with 24 GB of RAM. Even my bloated Photoshop has no near the record of crashing as RW. I am so paranoid with RW that I save every 10 minutes and shut it down after an hour of use and reboot it.

My site images have completely vanished an astonishing amount of times when working with RW. So using YourHead Stacks, there was a big issue with this for Stacks 2, supposedly solved. I am using RW6 with Stacks 3, all up to date. So I recently added an image to my website. I got the spinning ball and then after that, all my images for my site again were completely gone. This has happened for me at least 5x over the years. When is it going to become stable? Yes, I can go back in my Time Machine to restore files but a worthy application shouldn’t need to rely on that.

Publishing from RW is also a recipe for disaster. So many times RW comes to a halt and I have to reboot.

If it weren’t for the amount of money I have invested in Stacks, I would definitely move on. I am considering trying out Webflow and when Adobe Muse can do responsive, I’ll be trying that. Please RW and Realmac, make your product reliable.