Crashes when navigating in Preview?

I have recently been having a lot of problems with Rapidweaver hanging (have to Force Quit) when I’m trying to test links in Preview mode. It does not happen every time but it does crash at least 10 - 12 times a day, which is extremely frustrating as it makes it hard to test navigation.

I’m using version 8.4.1 and Stacks 4 and the problem seems to be independent of framework type, I have tested with both Foundry and Source and the problem still persists.

Anyone have any thoughts or experienced the same problems. I have filed hundreds of crash reports with this problem!

@dan should have a close look here…

Not for sure…but I think this is an @isaiah issue…

Try cleaning up and disabling or deleting any old addons that you no longer use. Some may not even function any longer.

Stacks or plugins?

Is this preview in RapidWeaver or preview in a browser? I’ve had problems with 8.4.1 and browser preview when there are large partials.

Does anyone recall this post from Isaiah? It’s really rather good as it sets out some simple, but powerful troubleshooting steps which can help to isolate problems. Copy your project, then on the copy keep removing things (plugins, stacks, custom code, pages, partials …) and testing until its stable. Then re-introduce, one at a time, the things you removed: does it come back? Try to isolate…

No this is happening in the Rapidweaver preview, no problems in the browser preview. It does look as if it is a Stacks problem as it says it is building the preview when this happens, but then it just sits there and RW becomes unresponsive.

Since you’re previewing a Stacks page, it’s reasonable there’s a good chance it’s Stacks. But what’s the next step…

Report the bug

If there’s a crash, send/share/post a crash report. Sometimes with just that info alone a crashing bug can be resolved. Sometimes more info is needed too – so any other details, screenshots, and info you can provide is great. If you can detail the exact steps which can get from a new-file to a crash then that’s a big help too.

Work around the problem

After you’ve reported the crash – which generally means making the problem happen MORE and recording/documenting/etc – you’ll want to try to make the problem happen LESS. Doing that generally involves some critical thinking and deductive problem solving. Try following this post and seeing if you can nail down the root cause and eliminate it – just temporarily – until the bug is fixed. That’s why we call it a work-around. Just like you drive around a pot-hole – or even taking a different street – until the city work-crew comes and fixes the road.

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