Rapidweaver + Stacks and Foundry keeps crashing

Just started working with RW with Stacks and Foundry and keeps crashing for no apparent reason - any idea why this may be?

Unfortunately this is a very vague description. Hard to help. What version of Rapidweaver? What version of Stacks? Have you ever had RW working for you (pre Foundry)?

I’ve not heard of any Foundry problems. In fact I haven’t heard of any startup problems with RW or Stacks so this is a bit confusing. More info definitely needed.

Hello thanks Matthew for the quick response.

I didn’t include more details as I though it may be a known issue.

I’ve literally just started working with Rapidweaver, Stacks and Foundry so am on latest versions of all 3. Twice now I’ve put a few hours work in and all seems fine then suddenly it crashes completely.

Hmm … definitely a weird issue. Definitely not known. The 3 work really nicely together. There must be something about your setup that is triggering this but I don’t know what. Are you using the beta versions of either RW or Stacks? (Those would be the newest versions, but also possible to cause crashes.)

Hopefully someone else can also provide some tips that may help resolve the issue.

Well I’m on RW 8.2.1, Stacks_3.6.6_4224 and Foundry…

Am really loving the quality of what I can produce already… I’ll just keep saving and reinstall if it happens again… thanks for your time.

A crash is just a bug. A crash rarely stems from something a user did wrong and there’s not much hope of correcting the problem – perhaps just avoiding it.

But what you can do is report it to a developer.

If the crash happens while you were using Stacks, then there’s a good chance it should be reported to me.

Here is a bit of info about how to find and report a crash: https://yourhead.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001860747-How-do-I-send-a-crash-report-

The latest versions of RapidWeaver have slightly different crash-windows or no window at all. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what the latest one looks like. But the key is to get the “crash report” text to the developer (that’s me!). The text will have words like “Crash Reporter” and “Exception” and “Crashed” in it.

This text will tell the developer exactly what was happening in the app when the crash occurred.

Often with only this bit of text the bug can be found and solved. However if you have other details about what you were doing just at the time of the crash that is very helpful too.

Once the bug is fixed and a new version released, the crash will hopefully never happen again. :smiley:


Hi - thanks for that, really useful! I reinstalled RW and all seems to be OK now. I’ll definitely use that advice though next time.


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Sometimes I get the odd crash, but 9 out of 10 times it’s due to the Safari cache so I make sure i clear the history on a daily basis :slight_smile:

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