RapidWeaver 8.7 crashes when trying to open certain pages

Hi all,

I went ahead an updated to Big Sur and RW 8.7 and everything seemed to work OK. Now, I think I have found a bug since I can repeatedly crash RW when trying to access some pages. I have been using this file with no issues for the past 3 years with RW 8 and didn’t have a problem until the latest updates this week. I can access most of the pages within RW OK but some will immediately cause a crash upon clicking on them. Here is the error log if that helps.

Right now I’m dead in the water until this bug is squashed.

Please try installing Stacks 4.1.2. It fixed a number of crashes similar to the one your crashlog describes.

I would recommend disabling plugins that you are not using currently. I notice from your crashlog that you’re using PlusKit and SiteMap. If they’re in active use, then that’s great – but if you’re not using them, perhaps disable them until your system is more stable.

Since there have been a lot of updates: RW 8.7, Stacks 4.1, Big Sur, etc. – it makes things easier to diagnose, when there are fewer moving parts. Removing unused plugins is a good place to start.

Open the RW Preferences
Choose the last tab: Addons
Disable things in the Plugins category that you’re not currently using.
Then restart RapidWeaver


Thanks Isaiah! I’ll try to remove the plugins. Should I just find the files in the Finder and move the files out of it? Will that disable them?

I removed those plugins and updated Stacks to 4.1.2. It seems to have fixed the problem.

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