Crawal Problems in Rapid Weaver 8 Canonical Tags

I am having several problems in Rapid Weaver 8 but have not head a response. Here are the error messages does anyone have an solution:

(1) Cononical tag is missing - suspect that this relates to the blog application that somes with it. I think it shoudl be putting the following code in the header tag of the blog on what I will call page ‘A’:

The qustion is (a) whehter this code is (a) written correctly? Not I have subtituted for my real domain name. (b) on which page should should I repeat this?:

I understand it should also have the following tag

The report that has been provided seems to indicate that it Rapidweaver 8 prodcues numerous pages which are similar for each blog post for exmample:

For a blog post I have posted on ADHD assessesments which is filed in that category.

Question is that it will be clearly to labour-intensive to write canonical tags for each blog post when they’re generated. It seems to me, that the settings are wrong and the canonical tag needs to be posted somewhere now the PHP file. The question is where?

There is a video on Utube called how to set up The Canonical Tag for your website which is helpful but I still need the missing information indicated about to make the changes. Is this going to be resolved in a update to Rapid Weaver 8?

What’s giving these error messages?
The title of this post indicates this is a RapidWeaver 8 issue, RW7 didn’t do anything differently did it?

If you want to put code inside a forum post you need to highlight it and mark it as code by using the </> in the toolbar. Right now we can’t see any of the code samples you provided.

If you’re talking about a canonical URL, it’s never been done automatically by RapidWeaver. It’s also not considered an “error” from a technical standpoint to not have one.
There’s good reason to place them Add canonical URL’s to a webpage, the most important being

To consolidate link signals for similar or duplicate pages

There’s different ways to specify a canonical page, my guess is what you are asking about is:
Add a <link> tag in the code for all duplicate pages, pointing to the canonical page.
RapidWeaver doesn’t offer any “automated” generation of this as an option. This would be an excellent future feature that Realmac should consider.

You can find more information here:

Here is the error message. I have read the article on Google, but it does not really tell you how to solve the problem. The only organisation who can is RapidWeaver as they designed the software. There is a video on Utube by Google called Canonical Link Element which is helpful, they are saying all the leading content management system providers such as Wordpress will be adding this automatically to their software. Do you know when/if Rapid Weaver/Real Make will be making these changes?

You can add the <link rel="cononica"l> meta tag in the head section.
As I said this isn’t really an error since I have no idea what report you are showing I don’t know how valid the report.

RapidWeaver is not a CMS like WordPress. RapidWeaver, for the most part, produces “static” pages.

That’s a question for RelMac @dan

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