RW8 Blog Plugin Problems Persist

RW 8.2.1

Hey everyone. I know that there were some early problems with photos and per-post image meta tags with the RW Blog Plugin in 8.0+, but I still seem to be suffering.

My project has Stacks, but no other 3d party plug-ins in the project. I’m using themes by Nick Cates with no hacks other than a few CSS modifications on spacing and colors. Site resources are marked to be copied into the project. These issues occurred when the project was stored in Dropbox and continues now that they’re all stored together in iCloud. The RW project name has text and a space, no characters or numbers.

After publishing, quitting, and reopening, RW dumps images at random. The most recent blog post almost always dumps the image and replaces it with a white frame. The per-post image image meta tag also clears out at random. Some posts keep the image, others remove them. The files are still showing up in the resources, and relinking doesn’t stop the issue.

I’ve tried dragging in new copies of the images to the project and right-clicking to select the image already in resources.

I really don’t know how to solve this one, or even understand what’s going wrong. Any help or ideas is appreciated.

I don’t use the built in blog plugin much so I haven’t seen this problem.

You said that you stored the project file on Dropbox and now on iCloud, my first step to try and isolate the issue would be to try saving to the local drive and see if the problem persists. Just a guess here but sounds like you can easily recreate the issue so it should be a pretty quick test.

Other than that the project sounds pretty strait forward as for plugins and theme. Perhaps someone from RelaMac Support (@tpbradley, @Aaron) could take a look at your project file?

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Thanks for the idea, Doug.

It’s a strange issue, and it happens in two independent projects that I’m running. Nothing else is lost anywhere in the projects except for the most recent post’s image and the per-post image meta tag. The page image meta tag is always preserved.

I’ll run some local tests this afternoon. I’d prefer to have remote access, but I’d rather have these features working.

I did send in my project to RW a while back, but that was in the thick of the 8.0+ development troubleshooting and it may have just been lost. Happy to do it again if it would prove helpful.

I did extensive local testing. The same per-post image meta tag image deletion issue is coming up.

Can it be a naming issue? Any characters (or length) different? Image extension? Size?

Good idea.

Naming convention is YYYY-MM-DD.jpg. Size is less than 100kb.

Another odd behavior is that it dumps randomly after each publish and quit. So an image that’s preserved in one round of open/publish may not be the next time.

When I used the built in blog, I had no issues but I did not involve iCloud or Dropbox. So assume that is part of the problem. If the dumps are random, it’s unlikely to be solved simply. There is more happening “behind the scene” once the cloud is integrated even more …Hope a developer can help…

Hey @chet,

After opening your project and seeing that an image is missing, what happens if you then publish your site? Are all the images published correctly?

Also, could you send the most recent copy of your project to me at with a subject of “FAO: Tom #3089”.

Project files can be quite large so using DropBox or WeTransfer might be necessary.


Hey @tpbradley, thanks for checking in!

When RW dumps the images, if I republish, they show up blank. So the main image on the blog would not appear at all, and the per-post image meta tag in shared links reverts to the Blog plugin page-wide image meta tag.

I’ve been doing extensive testing to isolate the issue, and may have found a potential culprit. Enabling “Minify CSS/JS” in the RW advanced options, in a copy stored on the local drive, seems to resolve the issue. It’s tricky because it takes a couple of days of working in the project & publishing to really vet if the images really are preserved over the long term.

I’ll do a few more days of local testing before sending over the simpler of the two projects to you (has about 15 blog posts). If I’m confident that the Minify setting resolves this, I’ll be sure to let you know. Otherwise, I’ll send you a full report in the email with the steps to reproduce.

Great, thanks for all the extra info - it really does help!

Had to look that up!
BTW, have always had minify checked in “advanced” as the default.

I had it unchecked as it can cause problems with some stack/plugin configurations. It’s a good practice, but can cause unexpected behavior in certain circumstances.

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