Create an effect like this in stacks?

My cleint likes the effect of the grey floating lines in this website (at the top)

I’d like to make something similar. Can I do so in stacks? ie: Animated b/g stack?

It’s just an animated SVG. No reason why you cannot integrate it yourself.

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Wow cool THANKS!




I’ve used the Waves stack to great success in a couple of sites, but I don’t think you can get it so just the lines will appear. You basically choose two colors and they blend together. if you choose two of the same color, the waves will disappear. You can see it in action in the following sites:
Good Friends of Georgetown County


Congratulations Dave those 2 sites look great!~ Thanks I bought Wave stack.

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Is there a source for stock animated SVG?
I have added the one indridcold linked for the moment …but I’ll need a fdifferent one … or can I make my own?

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