New - Waves stack!

New Waves stack. SVG Waves for pages.

More information and preview on page:



Hi, love the simple/quick animated wave setup. But I am running into a scaling issue when I use the image background option. The background image does not scale well when in tablet/mobile view.

*** UPDATE: thanks for the fast update, all good now! ***

Hi, @wondrous,

I just purchased your Waves stack. I don’t see any tutorial and/or sample project.

  • How do you control the vertical hight of the Waves stack?
  • How do you place another stack so that it overlays the Waves?
  • How do you get rid of the excess vertical white space at the bottom of Waves stack?
  • Can I overlay Waves stack on top of another stack?
  • Can I make a static wave?

I’ll appreciate some guidance…

BTW, the Contact Form on your webpage does not work.

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Same questions here…

Guys, about the feedback form, it’s elementary and simple math. Even if you make a mistake the first time in the answer, the second will guess exactly :grin:

1 - Add stacks, make the padding and everything. You can use it as a banner or something similar.
2 - In the sense of overlapping (overlay)? What for?
3 - What for?
4 - I do not understand the question. Although not yet.
5 - What for?! And what’s the point of animated waves?

And, of course, thanks to those who bought the stack :wink:

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There are no preset height sizes, whatever you add in the drop area determines the vertical size


What is 5+5x5?

According to my basic math skills, the answer should be 50, no? That’s what I entered in the form, but it was rejected. This was not the only problem. On my second attempt, my browser told me that your server couldn’t be found.


OK, I figured out answers to most of my own questions. It just took some experimenting.

  • Re question #4: can I use Waves as a semi-transparent overlay on top of another stack?
  • Re question #5: I would like to make a static wave (WITHOUT animation). This may suit some layouts better than animated Wave.

multiplication comes before addition. So I would think 30.


OK, I admit, Doug, my math skills are below basic… On the other hand, shouldn’t those “Are you human?” questions be totally idiot-proof? :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree,
Human tests should be as easy as Pi :laughing:.

Seriously, If you think you need one they should be simple, it’s hard enough to get users to respond.

4 - If do this (waves on top of another stack, such as a slider), a third or more will be covered by waves. That is, the waves will cover most of it.

And, sending a message from the site works in Chrome and Safari, I just tried it.

I am not quarreling about the math question. Seriously, after all, I admitted my math skills are below basic. And besides, I’ve graduated from an elementary school about 60 years ago. My memory isn’t what it used to be…

Some issues should be kept in the open, so that other forum users could benefit from questions and answers. That’s why I asked my questions on the public forum instead of sending a PM to you.

I am far from dismissing a new product just because initially it looked to me odd or non-typical. Rather, I want to learn how to properly use it. That’s where developer’s help comes in. There would be much less calls for help, if the product had some kind of tutorial or a sample project available.

Now, that we straightened this up, I do have some more tricky questions that qualify for a private message. I just sent them to you.


I complained some moths ago about the contact form.
I suffer with dyscalculia and the maths question is WAY above my abilities.
Which is why, to date, there have been no reviews of Wondrous stacks!


What does this topic have to do with the question about the Feedback form page? :thinking::roll_eyes: Changed the question for those who can not count.

Stack updated!

Version 1.0.1 - Small fix.
Version 1.0.2 - Now you can choose one of the three positions of the waves: top, bottom (default), both.


What an asinine response to feedback…


Waves stack updated.
Version 1.0.3 - some fixes.

Check who had a conflict with other stacks.


Just purchased. Is it possible that you can add wave speed in the next update?

Thank you! :wink:
But what is wrong with this speed? Need to be slower or faster? :thinking:

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Nothing wrong, but depending on the topic of the webpage you may need faster or slower speeds :slight_smile:

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