Create form(s) based on PDF drawing

(Zeb Ernest) #1

Hi, I have a couple of PDF Technical drawings for which i need to collect certain parameters for based on fields in the PDF. The site is based on foundation and the drawings are simple enough. Anyone know can I capture and email the data needed for each of the four drawings? Currently the user must download and fill out the data. so yesterday.

Thanks in advance.

(Aaron Marquez) #2

Hi Zeb!

This could require a lot of manual / complicated code, but the one solution that comes to mind is simply creating a contact form with the desired fields. They’d see the PDF, then enter the info in the fields below. Make sure to collect names / emails (etc) too!

[ ]
[ PDF ]
[ ]

(Zeb Ernest) #3

Appreciate the input. Pdf’s Re problematic anyway. Need to pull it into a jpeg and then create the form. Forms should be allowed to contain graphic elements easily. Right?

Here are examples contained within the accordian.