Oh good grief! - Forms Question

It’s me! Sorry!

I have a how to question.

I have a PDF Form (it could be made into a Google Document if needed), I want to be able to provide a customer with the ability to use something like Syphon from 1LD to fill in this form, that is then emailed to them, so they can print it out ready for a visit from a physio. I know they could just download the form and write in it, however, the majority of people who do this don’t read the line at the top that says “Please print clearly” :joy:

Ideally they type in the answers, that then get merged into the PDF. They receive the PDF by email, and simply print it, ready to sign, and legible!

I know I’m not one of you super dooper clever designers, but any helpful insights would be greatly received. You might even get given one of my wildlife prints (yes, I’m actually a wildlife cameraman, and my wife runs a physio business…who thinks I can do anything!!!)
Ta muchly

A little more info and a link to the form, theme/framework/ form system you are using would be helpful but in general:

Forget the pdf

I use Foundation forms so this is what you would do in my instance:
Build the form with all the questions and fields you need
Format the Email template/result any way you want and include the answers given.
Send email

Give some more details and I’m sure you will get some help.

EDIT: Siphon and forms Plus both also allow for email template creation if you want the one question at a time type of system.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the quick reply. Here’s a link to the form that people have to fill-in manually now. form

It normally exists as a Word file.

Okay, What are you using for forms now?
I see no reason that can’t be built along with the email template for the results formatted the way you want.
You could also use Google Forms or a similar paid form builder like MatchForms.

So the client fills it out and the client receives the result (not you or both) It’s just about getting something more readable? No writing to a database or CSV file?

Think of it as a two part process, You build the form to gather the information, then you build the email template to format that information the way you want it. If your form builder lets you do a custom email template, you can build it.

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