Stack that does mail merge to a word doc or PDF export

Hi, Does anyone offer a stack that can have a few input fields when completing the form it exports a PDF with those field merged into a document? We are trying to automate our NDA process with date, name, address, and acknowledgement (like a check box as a digital signature.

Why not using Adobe Documents / Adobe Forms, where you are able to fill out PDFs?

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Just design your form using Adobe or PDFPenPro and the PDF will do this for you.

Thanks. Not sure that will work. Its a non-disclosure for an investor site. Once data is entered and submitted, the result is a printable legal document that is emailed to the user and stored on the clients server or dropbox. As per legals request, they want it managed internally. Not by Adobe or any other subscription model.

Are you comfortable using PHP?

I do exactly that on the website for the company I work for using PHP - I use Zend_PDF.

But, you can also use the PDFLib as long as it is installed on your server installed. Or, you can use TCPDF (being deprecated for a newer version called tc-lib-pdf), or FPDF.

I have a base PDF that I just add the info that is submitted from our online order or quote page, save it as a new PDF and email it to our customer as a confirmation and also to our order department.

Not sure if anyone else is doing something this way or not, but it is working for me.

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I am no good at coding, PHP is not a strong suit. I have my form sending data to an SQL database. I will look at what you posted. There are some services I found that will merge docs but it requires the documents to be hosted on there site and thats a no, no according to legal.