Creating a $7,500 client website using RapidWeaver (Free Video Series)

(Nick Cates) #1

[UPDATE: Part FOUR now available]

You’ll never outgrow RapidWeaver! I’m making another large client site, and it’s being built on RapidWeaver at the clients request. I thought it would be awesome to document the redesign process at Nick Cates Design, and share with everyone here :smiley:

Royal Gorge Rafting - Sketch [Part 4]

Royal Gorge Rafting - Competition [Part 3]

Royal Gorge Rafting - Before… [Part 2]

Royal Gorge Rafting - Choosing RapidWeaver [Part 1]

This series, available for free on my Nick Cates / YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

(Adam Shiver) #2

Royal Gorge Zipline Tours is great! We zip lined with them on our trip to Colorado last year. Great little company with very friendly people! Look forward to seeing how the rafting site comes along, Nick.

(Jason Bostick) #3

I am interested in seeing your progress on this as well. Even the process you’re using with Sketch would be interesting, I think. I feel like I’ve struggled in the past with the amount of time I spend (waste?) in that idea-generation phase.

(Dan) #4

This is awesome, am very much looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Nice work @nickcates :+1:

(Dan) #5

(Bill Fleming) #6


I am looking forward to your future videos.

You should go back and review the auto generated closed captioning and make corrections to it. Then make it permanent CC. There are benefit from it that your video will be added to the search list that have CC availability and spoken words are now in text which make it SEQ friendly. The auto generated CC is pretty accurate from your voice but there are a few errors like “rabbit weaver” and “wrap weaver” lol .

(Nick Cates) #7

Oh man Adam - now I’m jealous! I’ve really wanted to go, my kids are still too young. So glad to hear you had a great time, and the folks were friendly. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences working with the owner, he’s very focus on the best experience for people and customers - it’s refreshing :slight_smile:

(Nick Cates) #8

amount of time I spend (waste?) in that idea-generation phase” - YES! I actually want to do a video series on this very topic, as I have this down to an exact method. Having a method surely doesn’t mean each custom site feels the same, but instead brings/highlights the unique value in each client I work with and how to design that in Sketch.

I have Sketch video coming on Royal Gorge Rafting, but it’s more a review of the finished result, and not the starting out process.

(Eric Vaughn) #9

We’ve built two websites over 120 pages each, one in eCommerce using RapidWeaver and a handful of 30+ page websites. It is such a wonderful tool. Great job on the videos, I love watching them.

(Nick Cates) #10

Thanks Dan! I have 6 videos already recorded on this :smile:

I plan to release 1 video each week (or sooner, we’ll see).

(Nick Cates) #11

Thanks for the note Bill, I’ve now edited the video CC. All should be correct now :slight_smile:

(Aaron Marquez) #12

Thanks for sharing this invaluable information with us, Nick! Anytime I can get a peek into a design guru’s brain, I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

(Bill Fleming) #13

Thank you for taking a moment to fix the CC, it huge beneficial to Deaf people like myself and I will tell my Deaf friends who also are web developers to subscribe to your channel.

(Bill Fleming) #14


One of your video doesn’t have auto generated CC on it. Would you go toggle it on? Thanks!


This is so cool of you to share this with us. You are so tallented and kind… Thank you Nick!

(Nick Cates) #17

Thanks for catching this, auto CC is not available for this video. Could be a few reasons why YouTube cannot transcribe it. I would have to manually add CC for this video when I get a chance.

(Bill Fleming) #18

That strange, I wondered why YouTube couldn’t transcribe it.

Did you recorded it in a different format on that video over the other videos you did?

I will research on this one why YouTube didn’t transcribe it and see if there something in a video file that would prevent it doing so, maybe a different audio format was saved in video file etc.

(Bill Fleming) #19

Here what I found over at

Troubleshoot automatic captions issues
If your video doesn’t generate automatic captions, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

The captions aren’t available yet due to processing complex audio in the video.
The language in the video is not yet supported by automatic captions.
The video is too long.
The video has poor sound quality or contains speech that YouTube doesn’t recognize.
There is a long period of silence at the beginning of the video.
There are multiple speakers whose speech overlaps.

(Nick Cates) #20

Thanks Bill. Correct could be any of those reasons, I’d have to manually add in captions for that video when I get a chance.

(Nick Cates) #21

Part three “Competition” is now available to watch at the top of this thread :slight_smile: