Creating a Banner with a jpeg image

I am uncertain of how to add a jpeg image as a banner that fills the entire width at the top of a page.
Foundation Theme looks great but I am struggling to learn how to use it.
I understand that I could use a ‘Template’ that adds this banner to all pages on the website. Where can I find these templates?

This is a screenshot of the banner on my old site,

Use the Foundation Image stack, put it at the top of the page (but below Site Styles) and then you should be good to go. You can see my test site of your image here:

I think these are free to view but Joe put up a series of videos showing how to get started with Foundation and Stacks. Very informative, they helped me get started with Foundation.

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Thanks zeebe, that worked for me!
You didn’t mention anything about where to find templates in the latest version of Stacks 3. Am I right in thinking that the new ‘Partials’ would be what has replaced them and that I need to create and save them myself?
Ronnie West.

Hi, yes, the Global Templates are hidden now, as using Partials is a MUCH better way to do it. The thing is with Partials, for now, you can not “Save them” and use them in multiple projects. You can COPY and PASTE them from project to project though.