Creating a Link is Adding my URL before the link URL. Thoughts?

Hello- I seem to remember running into this before, but can’t find a fix.

When I add a link to a graphic, it is adding the url of the site to the link.

Example: Add link to graphic: and click on ‘open in new window’, when I publish and click on the graphic with the link, it is going to

Has anyone run into this before and been able to fix it.

Setup: Latest RW with Latest stacks. This is a graphic item inside a text box (mixing text and small graphics).


have you tried adding the full http:// to the link as well?


Wow! Amazing. I banged my head against a wall on this for over an hour. In the end, I’m glad you brought that up. I had “tried” to put the http://, but mistakenly put http// and didn’t notice it.


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