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I want to set up a temporary sales page to my website in RapidWeaver. It would be a page that would be included as a link in a special offer. The special offer would take you direct to that page to see the special offer. But once on the special offer page you would not be able to navigate the rest of the website. Also if someone comes in via the website they can’t see or navigate to the special offer page.

How do I do this?
Also where do I find the link to that page to show in the special offer?

I am very new to website design

Un check show in navigation in the page inspector.
The url will be …/theFolderNameYouGiveThePage

Scott’s (@swilliam) would work, but depending on the theme navigation back to the site would probably still be there. Some themes might allow you to turn off navigation, some themes (foundations, foundry, blank theme) would allow you to “not place” navigation on a stacks page.

Doug is correct, I guess I’ve been using foundation so long I forget that in some themes you don’t have control of the nav.

Thanks, The show in Navigation has worked on the theme I have chosen so that’s half the battle won, only thing is you can see the rest of the website from the special offer page So any other advice gladly accepted.

Out of interest in other ways of publishing web sites is this done, or are special offers etc on a different web site?

What if you created a sub-domain for the special offers and just treat it as a completely different RW project (though using the same theme/settings)? So, it would be or whatever.

You could also hide the Navigation with some CSS?

Out of curiosity, why prevent them from seeing the rest of the site? I can see not wanting casual site visitors to get to the special offer page, but you’ve got that covered.

You’ve finally gotten them to your site with a special offer. Don’t you want them to stay and see the rest of what you have to offer?

You could set the theme on the special offer to use one of the blank themes like foundation. And not add any nav to that page

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