Creating a holding / coming soon / under construction Page

I’m building my first website using Rapidweaver and RapidCart Pro 4 - I’m only 1 day into it, so I’m super new to using this and making websites. I want to have a ‘coming soon’ holding / landing page on my domain whilst I work on the site on the same server in order to review the functionality and experiment. Ideally I’d like to jump to the dev site manually using a URL like: - - with showing the holding page and no navigation.

What are the best / most elegant approaches to doing this?

I’ve tried placing a standalone RapidWeaver page on the server with the development site in a sub folder but the links in the RapidCart pages aren’t right so the RapidCart pages just error.

Any help or redirects to other forum posts would be very welcomed and apologies for such a basic question.


If you have he RW project set up to relative relative to pages, try changing the dev sites “Website Address” to www.yourwebsite/devsite (if you haven’t already)
This should make all the links in Rapidcart know where they are.

Thanks for the reply - I did try this early on but it didn’t work. Then of course I realised that the browser cache was causing lots of problems so I tried it again but this time with a Private browser window and it worked perfectly. I now have a separate RapidWeaver project for the landing page and the development site on a sub directory - Happy days! Thanks for your help bitbumpy, I really appreciate it. :grin: